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Discover Dreams, Explore Realities: Your Journey Awaits In Alcoy Cebu!

Unveil the beauty of Alcoy Cebu with every step you take. From captivating landscapes to vibrant culture, your ultimate getaway awaits. Embark on an unforgettable journey that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.



Municipal Mayor

Relishing the abundant gifts of nature, unparalleled and yet to be explored leisure, Alcoy is beckoning to become the undiscovered paradise in the South.


Welcome to the official website of the municipality of Alcoy, widely known as the home of Siloy or Black Shama. It is also known to have one of largest deposits of dolomite in Asia.

To help you take a quick glimpse of Alcoy’s historic and tourist attractions, businesses and services available to its people, what and who its people live for and how they live without leaving their core, this website is designed for easy access to the information our town has to offer by just the tip of your fingers. The strategic location of the town where it is bounded by both the mountains where harvests abound and the sea where catches are just around makes it more worthwhile to live in Alcoy. The small land area is an opportune circumstance for the services being reached by the government to the populace.

With our communal efforts depicting transparency and accountability in all aspects of governance including community driven socio-economic developments for all Alcoyanons, I am inviting you all to inquisitively navigate Alcoy website and be enthralled by the sights and insights it brings.
We hope that by visiting the website you find joy in exploring Alcoy.



    To endeavor for the prompt delivery of services, swift implementation of development projects, and to ensure that programs and projects translate to the benefit of the community.


    By 2030, envision as the Eco-Tourism paradise of Cebu where Alcoyanons living in harmony with nature, geared towards economic growth, sustainable agriculture, resilient and adoptive to climate change under a decent, and God-centered leadership.

    Discover Alcoy: Where Nature Meets Culture, Your Gateway to Paradise!

    Experience the enchanting allure of Alcoy, Cebu, where pristine beaches meet lush landscapes. Explore our vibrant culture, indulge in thrilling water adventures, and unwind in serene natural beauty. Alcoy beckons you to embrace a captivating journey like no other.


      The municipality of Alcoy is approximately ninety-two (92) kilometers south of Cebu City. Lying with-in the north latitude of 9º40’00” to 9º46’00” and east longitude of 123º24’00” to 123º31’00”, it is bounded on the north by the municipality of Dalaguete, on the south by the municipality of Boljoon, on the west by the municipalities of Malabuyoc and Alegria, and on the east by Bohol Strait. Comprising of eight (8) barangays, the Municipality of Alcoy has a total land area of 6,163 hectares. Barangay Nug-as is the biggest barangay with a land area of 2,877.20 hectares or 46.68% of the total land area, while barangay Guiwang is the smallest barangay with an area of 139.80 hectares or 2.27% of the total land area. Barangay Poblacion is the only urban area of the municipality with an area of 738.50 hectares or 11.98% of the total land area.

      • What is Alcoy Cebu known for?

        Alcoy Cebu is known for Tourist Attractions. It is the home of the Black Shama (Copsychus Cebuensis), a local species of song bird in the family Muscicapidae that is only found in Cebu, where it is known locally as "Siloy". The Siloy Festival is Alcoy's nature festival and eco-tourism project. It is in honor of St. Rose of Lima.

      • How many barangays are there in Alcoy?

        Alcoy Cebu consists of 8 Barangays namely Atabay, Daan-lungsod, Guiwang, Nug-as, Pasol, Poblacion, Pugalo and San Agustin.

      • What is the total land area of Alcoy Cebu?

        Alcoy is a coastal municipality in the island province of Cebu. The municipality has a land area of 61.63 square kilometers or 23.80 square miles which constitutes 1.25% of Cebu's total area.

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